A record keeper of an evolving life, professional artist Sondra Holtzman’s sketchbooks and journals reflect musings of travels afar and close to home. Together with Wine Specialist Katie Wendel, she leads painting explorations throughout the United States and internationally.

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After attending Rhode Island School of Design and California College of the Arts, Sondra worked in San Francisco as a freelance designer, creating artwork for clients like Nike and Delta Air Lines. Her work has been published in 1000 Artist Journal Pages and Signatures: The Art Journal Collection by Somerset Studio. As a freelance writer, her work can be found in local publications in Bend, Oregon and in the book It’s A Chick Thing, available online and in print. A passion for angels has led to the creation of her first book in photography, Angels, published by Blurb Books.

Sondra paints in watercolor, oil and pastel and creates collages in mixed media with emphasis on a sense of place. For her, the true joy of being an artist also lies in the sharing of her passion with others, helping them to discover their own artistic voice. 

Aside from exploring the world and creating art, other passions include family, collecting vintage paintboxes and kayaking with her miniature Australian labradoodle, CoCo Bean.